May 2010 Happy Month of Mother Mary!

+JMJ The month of May calls us to celebrate Mother’s Day the 2nd Sunday of May and always on May 10th in Mexico and among our Mexican immigrants! Yet in our Catholic Church May is the month in which we also remember that at the foot of His Cross our Lord Jesus Christ gave His mother Mary to be our spiritual Mother, who continues to pray for the Church, for us and for all people. Let us unite in prayer as we pray and meditate on the life of Jesus and Mary in the mysteries of the Rosary. For myself, the meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary has led me to a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus especially in His suffering love.

One of our summer visitations outside of Ventura in May was to the Sanctuario of Santa Teresita of the Andes, outside of Santiago, Chile! We were able to travel there with frequent flyer miles we accumulated during our years of summer studies we had to travel to the Midwest and East coast. The Lord provided abundantly even to being received as guests for 12 days at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit of the cloistered Discalced Carmelites, the actual Community of Saint Teresa of the Andes!

The re-construction of our convent has been proceeding. The work has been the interior plumbing and electrical work, which is the most important work, just as the interior renewal of our invisible souls. Besides laying a good foundation, the infra-structure has to be correctly done in a building, so we must take the time to properly develop our intimate personal relationship with our Lord and Savior… may we all keep this in mind especially in this summer!

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