January 2011 – Month of the Holy Name of Jesus

+JMJ “Praise be Jesus Christ!”… an old traditional greeting amongst Catholics still used by our Carmelite Sister-friends. The response is, “Now and forever.” Truly Jesus Christ is to be praised as we enter this New Year. We have our annual retreat of 9 days (a novena of prayer) from December 26th to January 4th. We are in silence and the Holy Spirit is our retreat Master-Director. This year was unusual in that we were not in our convent, still under construction, but the Lord provided our temporarily housing was in solitude since the friends with whom we have been staying were also out of town during our retreat. The fruit of our retreat is always a closer walk with Jesus, to prepare us for whatever may come during this year…

Is a retreat in your yearly calendar? We highly recommend a retreat each year for everyone. There are a variety of retreats available throughout the year at various retreat facilities or even at local parishes. Check your Diocesan directory or ask at your local parish for retreats that may be going on in your area. The type of retreat also varies: a silent retreat with spiritual conferences (talks) given by a retreat director, witness talks given by presenters followed by small group reflections, or an individual guided retreat in which you remain in complete silence to reflect on Sacred Scripture except to share reflections with the retreat spiritual director. The length of a retreat may also vary: one day, a weekend, 8 days or a month long. What do you do on retreat? Listen, pray, read Sacred Scripture or other spiritual writings, reflect, be still and make resolutions in your commitment to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The essential element of any retreat is Mass and an opportunity to go to confession because it is through the Sacraments that we are truly encountered by Jesus Himself. Yes, the purpose and goal of all retreats is a closer walk with Jesus so that following the retreat you will have a more intimate relationship with Him for the rest of the year…

We are not able to share a retreat with you, but we are available to journey with anyone desiring to grow in living Jesus’ Way of Life, so just email us or give us a call!

News of the construction of our convent simply is that continues to move slowly… no new photos to share… perhaps next month.

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