June 2011 Month dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus

+JMJ The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is usually celebrated during the month of June. However, it will be celebrated on July 1st since this year Easter was celebrated the latest possible date in the liturgical year in April. Easter Season will end with Pentecost on June 12th, Trinity Sunday on June 19th and Corpus Christi on June 26th. These Feasts remind us time in the midst of finalizing the school year and graduations to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, Who is the Resurrection and Life, Who with the Father will send us the Holy Spirit anew in our hearts and lives!

This month we have the time to complete Sacramental records, sort through the accumulation of papers from the catechetical year and prepare for next year by beginning registrations this month for the children and the youth. We have welcomed new candidates in our RCIA process, who help us to remain enthusiastic in sharing our Faith. We will be taking a summer break in July and August and hope that more will join our RCIA process in September when we resume.

The progress on the construction of our convent continues to be slow. We have focused on doing some work on the outside yard now that the unusual rainy weather is coming to an end. The new fence installed in March has been in need of painting and sealing so we have begun and hope to complete it soon! The back fence needs to be replaced and the front and back yards need to be replanted. So as we patiently wait for our convent construction to be completed we will proceed forward with the work on the outside next month. Please join us in praying that we can move back in soon, God willing!

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