November 2010 Month of Prayers for the Faithful Departed

+JMJ November began with the Solemnity of All Saints, the vigil being All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) in which children trick or treat. We attempt to evangelize that it is really about remembering all the unknown saints who lived their lives united with Jesus. We usually give out holy cards of canonized Saints with the candy treat to the children dressed in their costumes, but since we were not in our own home this year, we united in prayer with the Saints for the children.

Construction of the convent is nearing the end and going very, very slowly mainly because our contractor has other jobs going on that seem to take a priority over our home… but it is an opportunity to continue to grow in patience. The projected move-in date is now in December, possibly before Christmas, God willing…

We have much to be thankful for and so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Ventura at our borrowed home until our home is finished.

Sister Mary Joseph while in the state of Washington was able to discern that the candidate from there will not be able to enter the postulancy, a difficult decision but better to acknowledge at this point than later. We are thankful for the opportunity of journeying with someone in discernment. We continue to pray for others whom the Lord will bring to us in discernment of their vocation and whether they are called to enter our formation process.

This is a special month in which we remember and pray for all those who have gone on before us: all of our family members, friends and benefactors. “May their soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.”

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October 2010 Month of the Rosary

+JMJ Traditionally October is the month of the Rosary since October 7th is the feast of our Lady of the Rosary. Our Community prays daily the 20 decades of the Rosary, a complete meditation on the life of Jesus found in the Gospels included in the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

This month has been a living out of these mysteries in our own lives as we have journeyed with family members through the dying process, Sister Mary Rose’s elder cousin, Thomas Nishikubo (Uncle Tom) and Sister Mary Joseph’s father, Guido (Bill) Mei. “Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let Perpetual Light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.”

Sister Mary Joseph was able to be at her father’s bedside when he went home to be with the Lord as well as with the family for the funeral arrangements. She then went on visitation to the state of Washington to further discern with the candidate and on mission to individual and families to live and share our Charism and Spirituality.

October also included the annual retreat for the 1st year High School Confirmation candidates of San Buenaventura Mission parish, with 90 participating over 2 days. Thank you to everyone who helped and who prayed for those on retreat.

Construction on the convent continues with NO move-in date this month as dry wall installation and texturing is completed and interior painting begins. The progress is slow… so we continue to pray for the work to be done according to God’s time schedule.

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September 2010 Month of the Angels

+JMJ Religious Education Sessions have begun for the children on Saturdays at 11 AM-12:30 PM and 3-4:30 PM as well as the high school youth Confirmation sessions twice a month on Sundays, Year I at 10 AM-12Noon and Year II at 1-3PM. Please pray that the children, youth and their families will be encountered by Jesus, experience the love of the Blessed Trinity and live a continual conversion of heart!

Sister Mary Joseph together with a lay Handmaid in the state of Washington continue to research for the theological presentation of our Charism and Spirituality that we will present to our Co-Adjutor Archbishop Jose Gomez, once he assumes leadership of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in early 2011.

We are posting new photos of the construction of our convent now that evident progress is being made both on the interior and the exterior this month! Our move in date was suppose to have been the middle of this month, but now it will be in mid-October, providing everything continues to move along. We began construction February 2nd, so this is our 7th month of living in others’ home. Jeff and Maxine Mesinoff generously offered their mobile home when they moved to Palm Springs for new employment, so we have been commuting across town to the Mission parish. We have adapted our daily life by praying all of our prayers in the local parishes, but we do miss our little chapel with our Lord’s Presence under the roof, which is the hardest inconvenience we have had to endure. However, the Lord is ever faithful bestowing His graces of perseverence, patience and peace. This is the cross we are asked to carry and offer thanksgiving to our Lord for His graces.

We wish to share with all who have been praying with us for founding growth…we have someone from the state of Washington asking to begin the process of discernment to join our community! We are just in the beginning stages with this 21 year old, so please continue to pray that Gods’ Holy Will may be done in her life and in ours.

Let us remember the Angels and ask for their intercession during this month as we approach the Feasts of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael and October 2nd Feast of our Guardian Angels.

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August 2010 Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

+JMJ We have settled back into daily life in San Buenaventura Mission following our vocation outreach in the summer months of June and July. The Rite of Christian Initiation process in our Parish has resumed Tuesdays from 7-8:30 PM. We are having three weeks of registrations after all the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses the bi-monthly high school youth Confirmation process, which begins Sunday August 29th and for the weekly children’s Religious Education program, which begins Saturday September 11th.

We are compiling the theological basis of our Charism and Spirituality which we will present to the Co-Adjutor Archbishop Jose Gomez, when he becomes the new Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles next year.

Construction of our convent seems to have moved slowly during the months that we have been out of town with electrical wiring being done and the exterior appearance remaining unchanged. However, the various inspections by the city have passed, so we hope more process can be made in the coming month.

Please pray for founding growth as we enter into our 26th year at San Buenaventura Mission living and sharing our Chrism and Spirituality through catechesis with evangelization in order to pass on the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Church. Let us call upon our Mother Mary for her intercession under her title of the Immaculate Heart.

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July 2010 Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus…

+JMJ July 2010 is already coming to an end! Sister Mary Rose has been out of California for vocation outreach in Beavernton, Oregon with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows ( where she gave presentations on Jesus’ Way of Life and Weighing in for the Lord, at Our Lady of Peace 38th Annual Institute on Catholic Teaching. She then went to spend time with the lay Servant/Handmaids in Gig Harbor, Washington and then to assist in Our Lady Star of the Sea, Bremerton, Washington Vacation Bible School ( Seeds of encouragement have been planted for others to respond to the Jesus’ call to Consecrated Life as well as to marriage or single life or for boys and young men to the priesthood. Sister Mary Rose will return to California on July 31st and to San Buenaventura Mission, Ventura, to begin the 26th year in our apostolate of catechesis with evangelization. Sister Mary Joseph has also been traveling for vocation outreach to San Diego, California and across the border to Mexico as she has assisted a young adult in discerning Jesus’ call in her life. She has also overseen the construction project as it nears the end. The contractor’s goal is to have everything completed so that we can move back into our convent some time in September. We praise the Lord for all He continues to do within our hearts and life as we seek to bring to fruition Jesus’ Prayer for Unity.

The following photo was taken today of our convent construction:

July 30, 2010 Convent Construction

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